LinkedIn comes to Windows Phone

LinkedIn is finally now available for Windows Phone and it looks great.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

As the naval architecture group lead in my office, I have been spending more time on LinkedIn looking around at people that may be good candidates for our company so I was pleased to finally see LinkedIn for Windows Phone launch today. I just loaded it up on my new Nokia Lumia 900 and am checking it out.

The new app looks great with the Metro UI and as they state in their press release:

We’ve been working hard to make this new LinkedIn app best-in-class in the Windows Phone marketplace. We took advantage of the unique and beautiful Windows Phone metro style design while ensuring users would have easy and quick access to all the relevant professional information they’ve come to rely on from LinkedIn. You’ll find that in some cases (hint: companies and jobs), the Windows Phone app offers even more functionality than its iOS and Android siblings.

I am finding that LinkedIn is getting more useful to me as a social networking platform too. Do you use LinkedIn?

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