LinkedIn debuts Elevate: A content sharing app that can build your business

The latest mobile software from LinkedIn can turn your employees into social professionals, expanding their networks and your company's brand awareness at the same time.

The latest app from LinkedIn might not just help your employees, but also your business.

That's the premise behind LinkedIn Elevate, which debuted on Monday for iOS, Android and desktops, although you'll need to request an invite for the app. LinkedIn says it expects widespread availability in the third quarter of this year

LinkedIn Elevate

Elevate is aimed at making it easier for employees to share great content, and not just with their peers. Interesting or useful content can be posted to Twitter or LinkedIn through the app; there's also a scheduling feature so articles are shared when networks are most active. Articles themselves are curated both by humans and through algorithms from LinkedIn and Newsle.

With competing products such as Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook and others, why would LinkedIn be pushing its own Elevate product? To broaden employee networks and raise company awareness, according to LinkedIn:

"For example, when a LinkedIn member shares six pieces of content, on average, they receive six profile views and make two new connections, which helps them strengthen their professional brands. At the same time, the company they work for receives six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower, which helps them better hire, market, and sell."

It's all about the company brand here. Through Elevate, you can show outsiders that you have curious and insightful employees, for example, as they share interesting articles while also expanding their networks.

And if your company shares its own original content on LinkedIn, what better way to get it in front of more people? Using Elevate, your own employees can become brand ambassadors across social networks.