LinkedIn fine-tunes branding spotlight with Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages also marks another check box for LinkedIn's ambitious goal to chart a global economic graph.


LinkedIn has set up a new scheme for major brands from every possible vertical to break down their product portfolios and put the spotlight on more, well, brands.

On top of LinkedIn Company Pages, the professional social network is rolling out Showcase Pages, profiles dedicated to specific brands and products. LinkedIn members can subscribe to and follow these pages just like they would for the company-at-large.

The concept is already commonplace on Twitter, where one can follow not only a company but also each individual department. Just start with the consumer and enterprise units at places like Oracle,, Dell, and Microsoft and continue branching from there.

In LinkedIn's case, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company already highlighted Adobe's Marketing Cloud and HP's Converged Infrastructure as examples.

The roll out of Showcase Pages also marks another spot in LinkedIn's roadmap to chart a global economic graph , an ambitious plan to accumulate profiles for each and every business as well as academic institution on the planet.

Showcase Pages are scheduled to gradually roll out worldwide over the next few days. When social media and marketing admins see the option available, Showcase Pages should only take a few steps to set up.


Images via LinkedIn