LinkedIn launching Sponsored Updates API, certified content partner program

LinkedIn already has a few familiar names signed up for Content Partners, including The Atlantic and Bloomberg.


LinkedIn has introduced a pair of new services intended to better connect marketers with target audiences.

The first is Sponsored Updates Partners, an addition to the Sponsored Updates program that launched last year.

Powered by a set of APIs, Sponsored Updates Partners is touted to set marketers up with more tools for deploying and managing Sponsored Updates campaigns.

Suggesting it would be ideal for managing larger campaigns, Penry Price from LinkedIn's marketing and advertising team explained in a blog post how the Sponsored Updates APIs could contribute to a higher return on investment:

For example, they have best-in-class solutions with the ability to create bulk updates across many campaigns, target different audiences at scale, schedule updates in advance, and track campaign performance using rich reporting dashboards. They also make it more efficient for brands to use a single dashboard to manage their paid content activities on multiple social channels. During the pilot with partners, our customers experienced an overall lift of more than 30% in engagement rates on their Sponsored Updates campaigns, higher than what they saw during prior campaigns without partner services.

The second debut is the Content Partners program, bolstering LinkedIn's own digital publishing agenda by enabling companies more visibly publish content under their own brand names but within the realms of the social network.

LinkedIn already signed up nearly a dozen familiar digital publishers for the Content Partners platform, including The Atlantic, Bloomberg, and CBS Interactive. [Disclaimer: CBS Interactive is the parent company of ZDNet.]

It's been a busy time for LinkedIn, especially as the professional network doubles down on its mobile agenda for marketers, employers, and job seekers alike.

Earlier this month , LinkedIn introduced a trio of new recruiting products, described by LinkedIn's product chief Parker Barrile as solutions that "take the work out of retaining and finding top talent."

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company revealed last Friday that its user base has ballooned to more than 300 million people across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

In the United States alone, LinkedIn now retains over 100 million members. That means approximately 67 percent of the rest of the user base is made up of international followers.

LinkedIn admitted it intends to grow to host a profile for every employee worldwide, tallying up to approximately 3.3 billion globally right now.