LinkedIn Premium subscribers get more AI-powered job hunt tools. Here's what's new

Six intriguing new features can help Premium members find a job, perfect their applications, upskill through courses and coaching, and more.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Navigating the job market can be difficult, whether you want to land your first role, make a career switch, or move to a new company. LinkedIn has helped working professionals navigate the job search with a host of tools, and now, Premium users are getting AI enhancements to help even more.

On Thursday, the business-focused social platform unveiled new AI-powered features that LinkedIn Premium members can use to help them find a job, perfect their application materials, and upskill through courses, coaching, feedback, and more. 

When job hunting, you must consider and track numerous factors, including location, pay, and actual role. Looking through listings that match all your needs can be exhausting. For that reason, LinkedIn implemented a new conversational job search. 

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Now, Premium users can ask LinkedIn for help finding a job that meets their criteria, and LinkedIn will automatically populate relevant roles. For example, according to LinkedIn, a possible prompt could be, "Find me a remote marketing job in Detroit that pays at least $110,000."

The feature's demo shows that the chat interface can also help you with other questions, including offering advice on how to land your next role, such as "How can I stand out in my job search?" -- as seen below.


Once you find the role you'd like to apply to, the next phase is submitting your application, which includes the dreaded resume and cover letter. LinkedIn has added features that can help with both. 

First, it can provide immediate feedback on your application and resume so you can tailor it to be a better fit for a specific role. If you're a subscriber, LinkedIn will also provide you with personalized cover letter recommendations, which you can review and edit. 

LinkedIn has also updated LinkedIn Learning for professionals interested in learning more about upskilling opportunities. Improvements include real-time, AI-powered coaching when watching a LinkedIn course, enabling you to chat about the course's contents, and get clarity on the topics, examples, and more.

Through LinkedIn Learning, you can also chat with an AI chatbot trained by an expert. AI-powered one-on-one advice lets you chat indirectly with experts who might not otherwise be available. The initial pilot includes Alicia Reece, Anil Gupta, Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts, Lisa Gates, and more. 

To help you learn more about your content, the Premium tier can also give actionable insights on your posts, articles, and newsletters. These post takeaways will help you tailor your content to achieve your goals. 

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Finally, LinkedIn added enhancements for businesses, including expanding Recruiter 2024 to global availability; new features in Accelerate, LinkedIn's AI campaign-creating offering, such as the addition of Microsoft Designer; and Premium Company Pages for small businesses. 

If you want to try LinkedIn Premium but don't want to commit to the $30 per month cost, there are a couple of ways you can do it for free, including a free one-month trial.

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