LinkedIn rolls out new security features to help users safeguard their accounts

LinkedIn says the new security features will help users keep their accounts secure and better manage their personal data.

With personal data security top of mind this week, LinkedIn has introduced new security features that it says will help users of the social network for professionals keep their accounts and data secure.

LinkedIn's head of privacy and security Madhu Gupta described in a blog post that the network has added a new option within the settings tab that allows users to see where and on what devices they are logged into their account. From there, users can sign out of various sessions with one click.


The social network also added more detailed information to the emails it sends to users whose accounts are flagged for security-related concerns, such as when and where a breach attempt took place, along with browser and OS information and the nefarious user's IP address.

On the data front, LinkedIn said it's making user data totally accessible to the users who created it. In other words, users can export all of their data that LinkedIn has stored on their account, including updates, activity, IP records and searches.


Gupta added in the blog post:

We are in the process of rolling these three new tools out globally now and encourage you to take a look at your settings today to see two of these new tools. It's also a good opportunity to remind yourself of all your settings and make sure they are right for how you are using LinkedIn now.