LinkedIn rolls out revamped messaging service with GIFs, emojis

The social network for professionals has redesigned its messaging interface with features commonly found in popular chat apps.


LinkedIn's social network has become a mainstay recruiting tool and the de facto platform for professionals, but the company's messaging service never really caught on with users.

The lack of user adoption was likely due to LinkedIn's creaky, email-like messaging interface and its lack of popular features found in the majority of other messaging apps, like Facebook's Messenger and WhatsApp.

So in hopes of turning things around, LinkedIn has completely overhauled its messaging service, giving it a cleaner, chat-like design and compatibility with ever-popular emojis, stickers and GIFs. The messaging service was also retooled to provide push and email notifications.

The goal with the redesign, LinkedIn says, is to make communications on its platform more meaningful. Further iterations of the messaging service, according to LinkedIn, could include intelligent messaging assistants as well as the addition of voice and video.

"We know we can put a unique LinkedIn spin on the kinds of conversations you are already having in a professional setting, like making introductions or debriefing after a meeting," wrote Mark Hull, LinkedIn's director of product management, in a blog post. "The possibilities are endless and we look forward to continue iterating and enhancing the experience."

Altruism aside, it's obvious that LinkedIn is also closely tracking the steps of its competitors. Last week Facebook introduced M, an AI-based function within Messenger which, once actually implemented, could complete a range of tasks for users like purchasing items or booking travel.

Facebook admits that there's still much to do in terms of development of M, but it's the first step in keeping up with the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon and the progression of virtual assistants.