LinkedIn Sales Navigator linked up with Android, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sales Navigator is already tied to another very notable cloud-based CRM giant:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a business tool for deriving sales leads via social media, is getting two major products updates to extend sales pipelines even further.

To widen the net for contacts and leads even further, Sales Navigator will now be linked up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With this integration, sales professionals will be able to access information from Sales Navigator within in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface without having to toggle between the two platforms.

LinkedIn cited Accenture research that CRM integrations for Sales Navigator save sales reps up to 30 minutes on average per day while increasing sales productivity by 17 percent.

Sales Navigator is already tied to another very notable cloud-based CRM giant:

The second major development is for sales reps on-the-go as Sales Navigator is coming to Android.

Updating in real-time, the app promises all of the core functions from Sales Navigator on Android devices, including access to prospects, contacts, account information and InMail, LinkedIn's messaging service within its professional social network.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator app is available to download via Google Play now.

Earlier this week, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company opened up one of its big data analytics engines to outsiders.

Pinot was first uncorked last fall as the social network's new web-scale real-time analytics engine. It now serves as the data analytics foundation for at least 25 products within the LinkedIn portfolio, including popular features such as "Who Viewed My Profile" and "Who Viewed My Posts."

LinkedIn engineers acknowledged amid the open source release that the move benefits LinkedIn from further contributions by others in the open source community as well as attracting more top engineer talent to its platform.