LinkedIn survey reveals biggest office pet peeves worldwide

LinkedIn finds out which countries are the most "peeved" at work and identifies what seems to be bothering them so much.

LinkedIn has gone beyond offering profiles of more than 120 million members worldwide with a new survey that goes inside the office space.

Out of the 16 countries surveyed in the study, it turns out that India is the most peeved as Indian professionals on average checked off 19 of the 38 potential office pet peeves on the report. Italian professionals are the least peeved apparently as the average was 15 out of 38 annoyances.

As for the United States, the biggest pet peeve appears to be "taking food from the refrigerator that isn't yours" with 65 percent of the vote, compared to 52 percent worldwide.

Additionally, 62 percent of U.S. women are bothered by "clothing that's too revealing for the workplace," whereas only 29 percent of U.S. men surveyed said that was a problem. Hmm, shocking.

The number one pet peeve worldwide among all professionals with 78 percent of the more than 17,000 responses is "people not taking ownership for their actions," which arguably deserves the crown and might not be limited to just workplace issues.

LinkedIn connection director and guest blogger offered a few tips towards combating one's pet peeves, including this professional advice:

While peeves can feel petty, your response needs to be anything but. Ideally you want to focus on the behavior and address it in relation to how it’s affecting your performance. No name calling. No you answered your phone in my meeting, I’m bringing my computer to yours. No I’m telling the boss before you’ve had your own tête-à-tête.

What's your biggest office pet peeve?

[Image via LinkedIn]