LinkedIn's latest revamp directed at employers via Recruiter tool

The professional social network continues to freshen up, this time with the ones handing out the jobs in mind.


LinkedIn has been fairly busy over the last several months, continuing to revamp the look, feel, and operation of many of its interfaces.

The latest target is the Recruiter tool, which was rolled out with a brand new design on Wednesday.

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The professional social network is highlighting some of the major changes on the landing page right now.

But at a glance, some of the major new features include a sidebar box with suggested job candidates and an easy way to see how many people are looking at and applying for your job postings.

LinkedIn also highlighted that search has been "streamlined" with saved queries, falling in line with some more recent updates for the entire platform that were announced in March .

The refreshed Recruiter UI follows the recent overhaul of LinkedIn's profile pages back in October as the company continues to shape itself as a one-stop shop for looking for jobs as well as posting them.

The Recruiter dashboard is also incredibly important to the Mountain View, Calif.-headquartered company's bottom line being that it falls within the Talent Solutions unit -- arguably the most profitable based on recent quarterly earnings reports.

Thus, it's clear that LinkedIn is especially keen on building out this segment of its social network to the full potential.

Screenshot via LinkedIn