LinkedIn's real-time notifications could help speed up job hunts

Get ready for even more notifications popping up on your desktops and mobile devices as LinkedIn joins the party.


While real-time notifications are commonplace on Facebook and other social networks, LinkedIn is finally getting in on the action by adding the feature to its platform.

The business social network is launching its new notifications feature, which will include updates in real-time when a contact likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, accepts your invitation, and more.

It's nothing revolutionary being that it is basically a red dot on the top navigation bar that lights up when connections are approved or someone makes a comment on a post.

However, it could really make a difference in the user experience -- especially on a social network in which response times could be everything. Many people use LinkedIn for finding jobs or hiring new employees, and real-time notifications and immediate responses could make or break a deal.

LinkedIn notifications starts rolling out to users today, but be warned that it could be up to a few weeks before all members actually start seeing this available.

Right now the notifications feature is only available on the regular desktop browser version, but LinkedIn is promising to add support for the Android, iPhone and iPad applications too soon.

Screenshot via LinkedIn