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What the Linux creator is thinking.

Vista missing 'interesting' developments
Jonathan Oxer (below), president of Linux Australia, said Microsoft has excluded various "interesting" developments in Vista -- such as a new file system, which creates an important opportunity for open-source vendors. Watch the video. Duration: 3 minutes 27 seconds »

jonathan oxer

Vista launch will boost desktop Linux
The launch of Windows Vista has created a huge opportunity for Linux vendors to take a larger share of the corporate desktop market, according to the president of Linux Australia. Read the news story »

Jonathan Oxer

Conference encourages Linux in the bathroom
Australia's biggest Linux conference will kick off next week and the organiser has promised that attendees will get a lesson in how to control and monitor everyday objects -- including a toilet flush -- using the open source operating system. Read the news story »

jonathan oxer

At in Sydney this week, we spoke to Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, who expressed his dislike for Digital rights management and the latest revision of the General Public License, which he deemed as "just another licence".

He criticised the kernel development community for sometimes scaring away new talent and revealed his surprise at how resilient the 2.6 Linux kernel has been to 'invasive' changes.

To all Linux users, this video is presented in Flash 8 and has been tested successfully for use with Linux systems running the latest Flash plug-in for Linux (ver. 9.0). Currently, this version is not available from Adobe for those running 64-bit Linux.

Torvalds in Sydney
Torvalds unimpressed with DRM, GPLv3
video Linus Torvalds talks about why digital rights management and the General Public License cause a lot of "hot air" to be exchanged but do not amount to a "big deal".
Duration: 3.5 minutes

Torvalds in Sydney
Why is the kernel so special?
video The creator and maintainer of the Linux kernel explains what makes his pet project so special.
Duration: 1 minute

Torvalds in Sydney
2.6 kernel seriously resilient
video The unexpected resilience of kernel version 2.6 has delayed the move to kernel version 2.7.
Duration: 2 minutes

Torvalds in Sydney
Kernel developers can be unfriendly
video The kernel development community can be "unfriendly" and its getting more difficult to bring in new blood.
Duration: 3 minutes

Torvalds in Sydney
Three months is long term for me
video What are the biggest things that are going to confront the Linux community over the next 12 months? Torvalds says planning a year in advance is too long.
Duration: 1 minute