Linux community rallies around victimised penguins

Site calls for aid to 'fairy penguins' caught in oil slick

The Linux community is rallying to the aid of minute penguins injured in an oil leakage in the Phillip Islands off the coast of Australia.

One Linux news site,, was so taken by the plight of these creatures who are the mascot of its beloved Linux OS, that it now carries the dramatic call to arms: "Some penguins were HURT down south. Go help them," along with a picture of one of the injured birds.

The little penguins, officially called Fairy Penguins, are incredibly only 4 inches tall and are therefore incapable of defending themselves against industrial fuel disasters. These penguins are occasionally sent on parade in order to raise funds for their conservation.

On the occasion of the oil spill, these creatures have been knitted little jumpers to prevent them from accidentally consuming the oil coating them.

A Web site created by the Phillip Island Koala Conservation Centre contains all relevant information on the penguins and how people can contribute to their rehabilitation.

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