Linux credit - it's definitely on the cards

Get a penguin on your plastic with The Linux Fund MasterCard. Open source users given credit they deserve

Linux devotees can really put their money where their mouth is following the launch of a new Linux branded credit card from The Linux Fund.

Launched with the slogan, "Support Linux. Save money. Get stuff," the MBNA -- major American bank -- backed standard and platinum cards both feature pretty pictures of Tux, the fat Linux Penguin dreamt up by Linux developer Linus Torvalds.

The Linux Fund is a public charity devoted to publicising Linux and funding new open source software development projects. Every account opened and every credit card transaction generates contributions to the fund.

Any geeks out there signing up for one of the 12.99 percent APR cards will be pleased to know that they'll get a free Linux Fund t-shirt in return for their loyalty.

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