Linux Expo: with full UK support previews

Unwrapped, Definite Linux: 100% Red Hat compatible

The first ever distribution of Linux backed up by full UK technical support was unwrapped by Cheshire software firm, Definite Linux, at the Linux Expo in London's Olympia Wednesday.

Once registered, Definite Linux users can get help with installation and ongoing technical issues via email and fax, although Definite says the installation has been so streamlined that even the most hardened technophobe should have few difficulties.

Definite Linux -- 100% Red Hat compatible -- will also be packaged with official Definite Linux PCs, to be produced by an as yet unnamed manufacturer. These will come with 1 year on site hardware maintenance.

The Definite Linux box set costs £39.99 and comes with a host of applications including StarOffice, Adobe Accrobat and the usual Linux applications such as The Gimp and Apache.

A Linux Bookshelf disk, containing an encyclopaedia of information on the operating system can be obtained for a further £29.99, and the Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server can be purchased for £149.99.