Linux fells another NT dot com

Bob Geldof's receives a technical overhaul to use the Linux OS

British rock star and Internet entrepreneur Bob Geldof became an unlikely advocate of open source computing Thursday: his company,, is to move over to the Linux operating system.

A spokesman at the European Linux 2000 expo in London says is to receive a technical overhaul to use the Linux operating system along with IBM's DB2 database technology and Netfinity hardware. is one of the biggest of the new dot coms to commit to Linux and IBM middleware, says Nick Burrell, DB2 brand manager for IBM. "Perhaps because they don't have the legacy and the background of some companies, they can make decisions purely about the technology."

Burrell also predicts that other Internet start-ups could soon also be moving over to Linux. "Lots start with Windows NT," he says. "But not many stay with it."

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