Linux for Lotus, but not for Notes client

Lotus is plumping for Linux to expand its customer base, but only on the server side

Lotus confirms it will announce messaging support for Linux at its Lotusphere love-in in Berlin next week, but says that only Domino server will be ported, not the Notes client.

Domino for Linux is expected to ship before the year is out, but there are no plans to port the client-side of the company's messaging platform to the open-source operating system.

Ian Thomas, Lotus' ebusiness marketing manager said: "There are no plans for Notes for Linux, which currently has versions for Win32 and Mac clients. The confusion has probably arisen because of the way many people refer to both the client and server side simply as 'Notes'"

"Although a Linux version of Domino will definitely be available, we are less convinced of Linux as a client platform," he said.

  • In a further development for Lotus, ZDNet was today informed that the company's English support facility was to close. Lotus confirmed the move, but said no redundancies would be made, with staff given the opportunity to move elsewhere within Lotus or parent company IBM. Lotus support will be merged with IBM's support facility in Dublin. The company said that any movement this side of New Year was very unlikely, and claimed that Y2K issues had been considered. The company also said that although it hadn't publicly announced the closure, it was happy for the news to have leaked into the public domain.

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