Linux Foundation plans end-user summit

High-profile users of Linux will get a chance to meet the kernel community at a New York summit in October

The Linux Foundation has announced an end-user summit, which will take place in New York in October.

The foundation's End User Collaboration Summit, announced on Wednesday, is scheduled for 13-14 October. It is being billed as "the first event of its kind to bring together high-performance end users with the highest-level Linux community developer".

According to the Linux Foundation's website, the event will serve to show end users how the Linux kernel community works, and let the kernel community find out more about the needs of end users.

The first morning of the conference, in particular, will have a strong focus on Linux in the enterprise, including a panel discussion on the evolution of Linux in business, and a question-and-answer session with representatives of Novell and Red Hat.

Interested parties can apply for an invitation through the Linux Foundation website.