Linux Outlook clone evolves

The latest version of Evolution - Ximian's software for connecting Linux to Exchange servers - contains a critical bug fix

The open-source Ximian project has released a new version of Evolution, the Microsoft Outlook clone for Linux, fixing a glitch that can crash the software. Evolution 1.0.5 also fixes a list of less serious bugs.

Evolution is remarkable because it allows Linux users to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft has not developed Exchange connectors for operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X that compete with its own Windows platform, and the lack of Exchange software is a major factor keeping many business users from shifting to non-Windows software. A version of Outlook for Mac OS 9 does connect to Exchange servers.

The main fix deals with a bug that causes Evolution to crash when downloading a message with an invalid header, according to Ximian. Other fixes remove bugs from the calendar and user interface.

Ximian said that users are strongly advised to upgrade. The new software can be delivered over Ximian's Red Carpet software or downloaded from the organisation's Web site.

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