LinuxWorld: Motorola hails Linux with embedded products

Motorola rolls out embedded technology with an eye to Linux experts.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

The embedded technologies division of Motorola Computing has apparently gone Linux-mad, announcing a range of projects today geared towards helping technical experts work with the popular open source platform.

Motorola Monday unveiled two new servers with embedded technology optimised for Linux: the emS series and the SLX series. The emS Series is designed to provide industrial, office and telecommunications serving solutions, while the SLX Series is specifically tailored for Internet, intranet and extranet serving.

To go along with these new products, Motorola plans to join forces with embedded Linux software specialists, Lineo and Caldera Systems, to provide training and support for Linux orientated serving solutions.

Dave Peters, Business Manager for Strategic Alliances with Motorola highlights how enthusiastic about Linux Motorola has become. "The benefits of Linux are amazing," he said. "The atmosphere is very similar to birth of Unix. When you have access to source you can solve 90 percent of problems yourself."

Peters also believes Linux is a well and truly global phenomenon. "The opportunities being developed using Linux are coming from all over the world," he said. "There are developers literally everywhere and we think this is because Linux is a bit like the Internet in that it is not owned by anyone and is accessible to everyone."

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