Lion build number Bingo: 11A511 vs. 11A2061 vs. 11A2063

On July 1 Apple seeded the GM version of Lion GM to developers -- labeled as build 11A511. The problem is that the Apple's newest Macs have been imaged with a different version of Lion.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

On July 1 Apple seeded the "Golden Master" (GM) version of Mac OS 10.7 Lion to developers -- labeled as build 11A511. Huzzah.

The problem is that the Apple's newest Macs, released on July 20, have been imaged with a different, presumably later vintage, version of Lion. The new Mid 2011 MacBook Airs arrived with Lion build 11A2063 and the Mid 2011 Mac mini ships with Lion build 11A2061 pre-installed, for a total of three different Lion build -- that we know of.

Lets recap the Lion build numbers:

  • 11A511 - GM
  • 11A2061 - Mac mini (Mid 2011)
  • 11A2063 - MacBook Air (Mid 2011)

Nick Palance adds:

Maybe the GM build is for the upgrade in the App Store (TM) while the other builds are for the new machines and address unique things in their hardware that isn't accounted for in the general release. Remember "enablers"? The OS that shipped on hardware was never the same as the version off the shelf, even if the version #s matched. Yeah, they all came out on the same day, but...

I'd be interested in knowing about the differences between the builds and the implications of using them to restore the new Macs. I want to create a Lion universal boot flash drive but the Lion GM won't boot the new Macs. (I tested it and the Lion GM does not boot my mid-2011 MBA13 which came with 11A2063).

Will the highest number build (2063) boot all Macs with lower-number builds?

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