Liquid cooled datacenter containers

GRC delivers their liquid cooling solution to the container user

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), the purveyor of a cost-effective submersion cooling technology that uses standard rack-mounted servers, has announced that they are now delivering their systems in pre-configured datacenter containers, adding the flexibility of the containerized datacenter solution to their range of products.

As I told readers last year, the Green River cooling solution fully submerges servers in a dielectric solution and improves the transfer of heat away from server components. The standard 40’ container solutions have an advertised cost of $2 per watt of critical load, which places the technology on the low end of the expense spectrum for containerized datacenter cooling systems. One of the first customers to take advantage of the cooling benefits of these new container systems is the US Department of Defense, who last week announced that they had contracted for two of the liquid cooled containers. Green Revolution has acknowledged that these will be containers number two and three but have not identified their first customer for the technology.

For those who are familiar with the floor-to-ceiling, densely packed containerized datacenter, the Green Revolution containers will seem very empty. The nature of the submersion cooling technology means that racks are installed vertically, with access from the top required, which limits how many racks GRC can install in a standard 40’ container, due to the space requirements of the submersion systems. 



The containers also have a slightly different installation requirement than most containerized datacenters; while all they need is a place to put them and a power source, the location needs to be level. That’s an ideal situation from any datacenter container, but more important to ones that use a fluid-based cooling system like GRC.