Listen and respond to emails safely while driving

People use their mobile devices while driving and this practice of interacting with one hand and trying to read a small display is dangerous. A new Bluetooth solution has been announced that allows you to listen to and even respond to emails without ever taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off of the road.

I have been playing with voice command software on my mobile devices for a couple of years and like the ability to dial a contact, hear what my next appointment is, and even control my media player using voice commands in my car. I am much more of a data hound than I am someone who talks on the phone a lot and the one feature that I have been searching for is an application that will read me my incoming emails after I say something like "Read email" or "Next message". I just found a press release on Mobile Gadget News for a device that appears to solve this problem and a whole lot more.


The iLane is promoted as the "world's first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use." The device can sit in your glove box (it is powered by your cigarette lighter) and connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and headset or in-vehicle car kit to interact with the driver. The iLane will notify you of incoming email (including details about the email and sender) and then you can have the message read to you, forward or reply to the message, and manage meeting requests using voice commands.

I am sure people will say this will cause more accidents and be too distracting, but I think eating a hamburger, drinking a pop, and doing your makeup is a lot more distracting than this kind of technology where at least you have both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. Then again, people will probably try to use the iLane and still perform all these other functions while driving.

I personally would like to have something like the iLane even to serve as a filter so I would know if I need to pull over somewhere and respond to an email rather than checking my device display quickly at a red light or when stopped for a few seconds in traffic. There is no pricing or availability information yet available, but they are apparently working with car manufacturers and wireless carriers on launching the product.