Listening to President Obama: What Price Citizenship?

The address is over. A technical and aural tour de force.

The address is over. A technical and aural tour de force. The Internet held up and a nation appeared spellbound.

In his first moments in office, President Barack Hussein Obama declared a "new era of responsibility" has arrived that will continue the "quiet force of progress" that has carried this country through history, from the "icy currents' of its founding when "hope and virtue" was all that protected the nation's capital to the icy currents that rage about it today.

"This is the price and promise of citizenship," he said.

He promised to build out roads, power infrastructure and "digital lines." To "restore science." Fix health care. And harness the sun, wind and soil.

But, if you were asking yourself what the price of this promise to be a responsible citizen entailed, with wars still swirling and the economy still deteriorating, he did not answer.

Stay tuned. Specifics, you are left to believe, to hope, are to come.



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