Live 2000: A touch of class from Siemens

If you want to experience the Rolls Royce of the mobile world, wallow in the luxury of the Siemens SL45

Got one of those fancy cars with the leather upholstery and posh dash? If you like a bit of luxury you'll probably like this top-of-the-range model from Siemens.

Measuring a mini 90x25x10mm, the brushed steel case and amber display look stunning, and at a mere 88g it won't weigh you down, even with its built in modem, recorder and MP3 functionality.

The SL45 900/1800 dual band comes with enough juice for around four hours talktime and it has a built-in modem.

It really does sound like the SL45 is packed with functionality, mixing sensible business applications with some fun stuff too. A 32Mb memory card comes as standard, and Siemens claims that it's a cinch to transfer and store Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint files directly to the unit.

Can't furnish you with a price just yet, but pop back soon. Expect to see it on the shelves from December 2000.

  • Siemens SL45

  • Top-end mobile phone

  • 88g

  • Dual-band, with modem and infra-red

  • 32Mb Ram as standard (on an exchangable memory card)

  • Hi-res seven line amber display

  • Holds all file types

  • Digital voice recorded, voice dialling, voice command

  • MP3 player

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