Live Analysis: Microsoft Phone press conference, Mobile World Congress '10

Live analysis of the news coming from Microsoft's Phone press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Live analysis of the news coming from Microsoft's Phone press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Pre-event thoughts: This is make-or-break time for Microsoft. Unless we see something robust, solid and game-changing coming from Microsoft today, along with the infrastructure to back it up, then this is a non-starter. I also want to see a proper Internet Explorer for the mobile platform, not the junk the pathetic excuse for a browser that Microsoft currently ships!

  • Steve Ballmer takes the stage "this is about the phones, and how the consumers will react to the devices."
  • Joe Belfiore, VP, Windows Phone, takes the stage. "Wanted to move beyond the metaphor that's worked for the PC ..."


  • Three buttons - Start, Search and Back.
  • All devices will be capacitive touch-screen handsets.
  • "Wanted device to be delightful and fun."

  • Highly integrated with online services such as Windows Live, Facebook, Xbox Live ...

  • OS detects phone numbers and addresses and created hot links to speed up tasks such as copy, paste, etc ...
  • Bing maps on handsets.
  • Handset looks like a Zune HD with phone capability ...
  • Multi-touch support on 7 Series Windows phones.
  • Bing search ... tries to make search results relevant to location.

  • Double-tap to zoon, pinch zooming support.
  • Sub-pixel rendering makes text ad images smoother.
  • Mail - "Works just like Outlook on the desktop."
  • Emphasis on work/home integration ... nice idea.
  • Hubs used to organize information/contacts, etc.
  • One hub - People. Bring together the most common tasks for the people you care about the most. "Bring together disrete sources of data into one place that is simple, glancable, fun and efficient."
  • Pictures hub.

  • Your pictures, pictures uploaded by your contacts ...
  • Make use of pictures, such as uploading to Facebook.
  • The Office hub.

  • The Music and Video hub. Each 7 Series Windows phone is a Zune HD. "One-stop shop" for music and video.
  • Pandora on the Windows 7 series phone.

  • Handsets work with Zune software on the PC.
  • The Games hub. Featuring Xbox Live.

  • Steve Ballmer back on stage ...
  • Three fundamental principals - accountability for user experience, new platform, strong ecosystem.
  • Andy Lees, Senior VP, Mobile Communications Business on stage.
  • Handful of partners - Qualcomm, Asus, LG, Toshiba, HP, Dell, Garmin, HTC, Sony Ericsson.
  • Consistant platform makes it cheaper for OEMs.
  • OEMs will eac have a range of phones.
  • Mobile operators ...

  • Working closely with AT&T and Orange.
  • AT&T will be the first to offer Windows Phone 7 in the US.
  • Windows Phone 7 Series phones to hit market by Holiday season this year ...
  • No Adobe Flash support on release ... no objection to Flash though.

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