Live: Mashable Monthly

6:30 p.m. The blogger lounge is loaded with pizza, cupcakes, and Fiji water.

Pete eating a cupcake

6:30 p.m. The blogger lounge is loaded with pizza, cupcakes, and Fiji water. Pete Cashmore's sending off party is hosted at Roe in San Francisco, and the place is filling up. I got to work quickly and made friends with the representatives from Artiklz.


Mashable Monthly 2

It allows you aggregate your various commentaries from different websites into your blog.

Mashable Monthly 2

Directly below the comments on your blog, you can bring in data from Digg, Reddit, and even FriendFeed.

Mashable Monthly 2

The site is currently in open alpha, so try give their product a try, and let me know what you think.

6:54 p.m. They are opening up the bar.

Mashable Monthly 2

7:09 p.m. Here are the cupcakes:

Mashable Monthly 2

I am going to interview the people from Strands.

Mashable Monthly 2


This service helps you organize, manage, and share your pictures, videos, and music all in one spot. Grab from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and more. It's has an easy web interface too:

Demoing Oosah

You can drag and drop from each service into the other. The guys gave us a really good demo:

Oosah guys

7:42 p.m. The place is packed. Getting sweaty in here. Just met with Igor from He has an underground erotica marketplace.



Social support networks for patients. You can interact with people that have the same physical ailments as you and find friends.

For example, if you have Chron's Disease, you can use Check them out.


8:40 p.m. A service that allows you to bring things you do on the web and compile your tastes. There is a recomendation technology that will soon allow you to find other people that would enjoy similar content.

Strands is "people powered discovery". They are building your taste stream. Definitely check them out.


If you want to try their beta, use the code "mashable".

The geeks need to learn how to talk like the non-geeks. -Drew Olanoff


A Firefox plugin that allow you to make comments on any website. It follows you from site to site.

I will have some more updates soon

Full photoset on Flickr from the past two Mashable Monthlys »