Living life as an Apple Genius

Ever wonder where they get those Apple Geniuses at Apple stores?MacLife has the answer.

Ever wonder where they get those Apple Geniuses at Apple stores?

MacLife has the answer. In a story on being an Apple Genius there are the following takeaways:

  • Apple actually trains folks that work in the Apple store--a lot.
  • Most of these Apple Genius types are in it as a part-time job or for fun.
  • An Apple Genius splits his time between working on gear and dealing with customers, some of which may be very quirky.
  • An Apple Genius needs three certifications--OS, desktop and portable. "They're not superhard," says the current Apple Genius of the certification exams, "but they do require studying, and you have to recertify every year."
  • And there's a lot of role play to act out customer interactions and the various variables an Apple Genius may have to deal with.

All of this sounds so obvious, but it's part of that Apple store experience. Can someone forward this story to Home Depot?


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