Lobby Google to include Java

If Java were included in Google Pack it would be more accessible and easier to update.

Google Pack is a bundle of software that Google "likes". Google Pack offers software that is free, easy to use and useful. Google chooses software that will be considered essential to users of all levels. They don't accept anything with adware or spyware. Most importantly, the software automatically updates itself with new versions of all installed programs.

This software bundle achieved a higher importance recently when it was discovered that Google and Dell were close to bundling Google's software on new Dell PCs.

This morning I'm trying to get the latest JSE 5 update installed on my workstation. Something was locking a directory so it wouldn't let the install finish even though I killed all the usual suspects. So I rebooted and now I'm in the process of uninstalling the last 4 updates that I had installed just so there will be a clean slate. Then I need to decide whether to install Mustang (JSE 6) before or after JSE 5. Then I expect it will take a few tries to get Eclipse to use the right JDKs. By then it will be lunch time. Is there a better way?

I think so. How about if Google included Java as part of its Google Pack? All the Google Pack installs and updates have been painless so far. Maybe somebody has finally figured out how to update PC software without losing hair in the process. But how do we make that happen?

It turns out Google made it easy by providing a page to suggest new software be included. So everybody reading this, if you would like Java or any other software that is "essential to users of all levels" to be included in this unique distribution medium, click on this suggestion page, select the option that says "I'd like to suggest software to be inlcuded in Google Pack", and then follow the directions to make your request known.