Location Based Technologies adds mobile support for asset-tracking tech

Irvine, Calif.-based Location Based Technologies adds web- and app-based functionality to its mobile asset tracking system.


Location Based Technologies announced this morning a new mobile asset tracking system that adds web- and app-based functionality.

The Irvine, Calif.-based firm says its new Business Solutions system allows for management, monitoring and reporting capability from mobile devices, adding a dose of mobility to a system designed to track such assets.

The company offers GPS-based hardware and software intended to help companies track assets such as corporate cars more effectively and efficiently. With a mobile phone and a GPS mapping application, an executive can pinpoint the location of equipment or employees and set alerts -- e-mail, SMS, push notification -- to display when the asset leaves a designated zone.

The tech is best used to anticipate delivery dates, track sensitive equipment or smartly re-route assets or people.

The company has been working to differentiate its offerings to enterprises, and has moved 60 existing customers over from the consumer-focused PocketFinder service to the Business Solutions package. It's targeting smaller businesses, construction and equipment companies and logistics firms by playing up the "value" side of its offering.

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