Lockheed Martin confirms attack, allays concerns for now

Lockheed Martin confirms that it was attacked, but fended it off due to "swift and deliberate action." The upshot is that critical data was secured.

Lockheed Martin confirmed late Saturday that it was attacked, but fended hackers off. The upshot is that critical data was secured. In a statement, Lockheed Martin, a major defense contractor that makes the F-35 jet fighter, said that it detected the attack quickly and secured IT systems. "No customer, program or employee personal data has been compromised," the company said.

Word of the attack began to circulate late Friday via a Reuters account. Bloomberg reported that the attacks revolved around EMC's RSA unit and its SecurID tokens.

Lockheed didn't confirm the RSA angle or go into many details. Reuters on Friday reported that hackers duplicated SecurID data.

Needless to say Lockheed is mostly targeted all the time. As a defense contractor there's a data gold mine to be had for cyber espionage.


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