Logentries - team and community intelligence

The challenge any supplier of performance monitoring and management tools faces is that there are many competitors, all using the same catchphrases and offering demos that all look alike. Logentries believes that its community approach will be of interest to DevOps.



Logentries' Chief Scientist, Trevor Parsons, reached out to me so that we could chat about why it is critical to make log management and analytics as easily accessible and understandable to business users as it is for developers.

Logentries believes that its products offer an alternative to traditional log management and analytics solutions that require advanced technical skills to use, and are costly to set up. Logentries points out that in the world of the DevOp, many people need access to huge amounts of operational data and need tools to search though that data, visualize what is found and allow distributed teams and communities to gain insights that matter.

Here's what the company has to say

Logentries believes that valuable log data must be accessible across the entire team and is now making it available via:

  • Team-based annotations: See team member comments, share expertise, and maintain context with the new team-based view of system activity and log events; identify and resolve issues together in real time.
  • Shareable dashboards: Publish log data visualizations and trends across the DevOps team, and across the organization, to create one single data source for system and application performance. Or, plug the Logentries dashboard into an existing centralized monitoring service such as Geckoboard.
  • Group notifications: Send notifications to individuals, groups or the entire team using custom tagging and real-time alerting; avoid potential costly delays or expensive service disruptions.
  • Open API: Build easy, out-of-the-box integrations using Logentries’ open API; leverage existing toolsets and system integrations, including HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire

The Logentries service features a unique pre-processing engine that collects and analyzes log files in real time to offer immediate alerting, visualizations, and tailing of the data. There is no complex query language required, making searching the data easy and intuitive with click-through navigation. To learn more, or to sign up for the free Logentries service today visit https://logentries.com/quick-start/

Snapshot analysis

The challenge any supplier of performance monitoring and management tools face is that there are so many competitors who have developed interesting technology, but all are speaking about what they offer using the same catchphrases and offering demos that all look alike.

In the recent past, I've seen similar demos from suppliers such as AppNeta, CA, CiRBA, Cloud Technology Partners, IBM, INETCO, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Veeam and many others. Each of these competitors has selected a different set of things to monitor. Each is offering some sort of machine intelligence to predict potential problems. Only a few of them have the capability to look at everything that makes up a complete application.

Some, such as Splunk and Sumo Logic, have developed large ecosystems and rely on others to address areas of monitoring and analysis that their product doesn't. I've attended Splunk's partner event and was impressed by the expertise of some of their partners and the capability of Splunk's product combined with tools created by Splunk's partners.

Logentries comes into a complex, rapidly moving market made up of many players. Their idea of creating tools for a community of DevOps is interesting. I'd suggest that organizations that are doing community or team development look at Logentries to learn if what they're doing would fit their needs better than what they're using now.