Logitech acquires accessory startup TT Design Labs, maker of TidyTilt

The producer of the TidyTilt iPhone accessory, which started with a Kickstarter project, has been acquired by Logitech.

Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) is the maker of a large line of accessories for mobile devices, and through the acquisition of TT Design Labs adds two more products. The two co-founders have been brought on board at Logitech to work with the company's design team.

TidyTilt -- Image credit: TT Design Labs

TT Design Labs co-founders Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorina were graduate students when they created the TidyTilt. They launched it as a Kickstarter project and knew they were onto something when they received  over 2,200 percent of the desired funding ($223,174). 

The TidyTilt was so successful that the pair formed TT Design Labs which has now become part of Logitech. The JustMount was the startup's second product. Logitech will market the TidyTilt and JustMount under its own brand.

The TidyTilt is a slim case for the iPhone that provides a simple method for keeping the earbuds tidy. It also serves as a stand for the iPhone similar in function to the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad. Lasty, the TidyTilt serves as a magnetic mount for the iPhone.

Eric Kintz, VP and GM of Logitech, told me the reason the company was attracted to TT Design Labs was due to the "convergence of great design and great versatility". Logitech declined to comment on the financial terms of the acquisition.

Kintz confirmed that a version of the TidyTilt will be made for the next iPhone whenever it is released.

The TidyTilt and JustMount are available for pre-order from Logitech and should ship in a few weeks.

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