Logitech: All of our current PC peripherals will work with Windows 10

In anticipation of customers who will soon upgrade to Windows 10, Logitech ensures them their peripherals will still work.


Windows 10 is just a few days away and many device owners will likely be taking advantage of a free upgrade to the latest and greatest from Microsoft. History shows that such a major upgrade can lead to problems with existing hardware. Logitech is telling its customers to not worry, it will be fine.

Logitech makes peripherals for PCs -- keyboards, mice, webcams, etc. -- and has stated that any of its PC products that are currently for sale will work with Windows 10. It's not just a statement, the company says it has tested them all. Some features specific to older versions of Windows may not work if the new OS doesn't support it (e.g. edge gestures).

To make sure the upgrade goes smoothly with Logitech peripherals it's a good idea to make sure you have the latest device drivers. Before upgrading to Windows 10, head over to the Logitech support site and download them if you find you have older versions.

Source: Logitech