Logitech announces AnyAngle case with special hinge for iPad Air 2

The folks at Logitech apparently never rest, with the rash of cases regularly appearing for the new iPad. This new one has a hidden hinge that props the tablet just as you want it.

Logitech has announced a new case for the iPad Air 2 that works as a stand at variable angles. The AnyAngle has a hidden hinge that props the tablet at any angle within a 50 degree range. The case is designed to protect the iPad Air 2 when carried around, and has a clear back to show off the iPad.

Logitech AnyAngle props
Image: Logitech

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The AnyAngle can be opened flat for using the iPad Air 2 as a tablet like other cases. The similarity ends there, as the case supports the tablet at any angle within its range for using the iPad Air 2 in the best configuration at any given time.

According to Logitech, magnets are used to hold the tablet at the desired viewing angle. The whole thing can be lifted and repositioned without altering the angle of the tablet.

The Logitech AnyAngle will be available in the US and EU in November for $59.99.

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