Logitech announces the Cube, an unconventional take on the mouse

Hardly a cube and barely a mouse, Logitech's Cube aims to shake up how presentations are made.

The first thing you'll have to understand about Logitech's interesting take on the mouse is that its not actually a cube, despite its name.

The second thing to know is that the Cube is meant to offer more than just a strange shape; it's meant to be a presenter's best friend.

Scrolling, for example, works via a swipe of the finger, a movement that's meant to mimic touch screen navigation. Lifting up the device  puts it in presentation mode, allowing presenters to advance slides with the click of its top.

Gallery: Logitech's Cube mouse

Logitech has a lot of nice things to say about the device, gushing that the Cube "re-imagines what a mouse can be." That very well may be true, but it won't be until anyone uses the thing before we can join in on the accolades.

There's also some missing information here. Among the key details so far unknown about the Cube are its dimensions and weight, which are tough to ascertain solely via press shots. After all, ergonomics are important, especially for something like a mouse.

The Cube will sell for $69.99 when it's released later this month exclusively on Logitech's website.