Logitech launches cordless 'wonder' mouse and camera

Logitech bucks market trends and launches innovative mouse and camera tools for rich media

Hanover – amongst the groaning there is also laughter. Despite the negative market trends, Logitech breaks all growth records as it targets consumers. "Rich Media Experience" is the key to its success, says Logitech at a CeBIT press-conference where its Cordless Mausman Optical is the main attraction.

The expensive 149-DM (£48) precision mouse operates on all surfaces at a resolution of 800 dpi allowing it to scan 1500 images a second. The integrated batteries are meant to last up to three months.

This mouse is made possible thanks to a special microchip, developped in conjunction with Agilent Technologies. The chip also switches the mouse to a power saving mode each time it becomes inactive. This technology is said to have unveiled the "Holly grail of all mice".

In addition to the Mausman Optical, Logitech also presented its "dual mode camera", designed to complement the popular Quickcam range. Dual mode refers to its ability to switch from PC-video-system to proper digital camera. The Quickcam Traveller has the capacity to take up to 30 pictures a second and produce single images at a resolution of 640x480.

The new Quickcam is conceived for a rapidly growing market. According to Logitech, only 7.7% of Internet connected households in the US use "Rich Media" with their PC. In 2005 it is expected that 61.6% of households will handle rich content emails including images, videos and sound. At the end of the press conference, Logitech gave away a some mice causing turmoil among some journalists present -- but not the correspondents from ZDNet, who remained dignified throughout. Thanks to ZDNet Germany for this report and to Sophie Handrick for the translation.

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