LogMeIn tests cloud apps management tool

AppGuru, available in a preview edition, offers a centralized dashboard for provisioning and configuring cloud services across organizations.

The bring your own application (BYOA) movement is making it more difficult for small and midsize businesses to enforce centralized security or management policies -- a challenge that LogMeIn hopes to address with a new tool called AppGuru.

The technology, which is currently available in a beta edition, is an identity-as-a-service platform that is meant to help centralize management of multiple cloud applications in one location. One big benefit is easier onboarding and offboarding of employees for company-provisioned services. Another would be the ability to apply security policies to services, such as a cloud storage offering like Dropbox, that might actually be personal accounts for individual employees.

In explaining LogMeIn's decision to pilot this service, the company's CEO, Michael Simon, noted:

"The feedback we have received from our IT customerrs is consistent: Today's IT professional isn't looking to impede the use of employee-introduced technology, and they fully appreciate the benefits of the cloud. The challenge many of them are facing is, as their role shifts into one of the expert advisor and partner to the business, traditional approaches to user management, provisioning and security are often ill-suited for thse new dynamics."

Some of AppGuru's features include:

  • A centralized console for managing multiple cloud apps
  • Services for creating new users or important the existing users from current cloud apps; and for using Active Directory services to provision users
  • A catalog that helps with subscription management
  • Application-level security and customization tools

The AppGuru preview supports LogMeIn's collaboration applications, join.me and Cubby, as well as third-party cloud applications includnig Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

There's no pricing information available publicly yet, but the service will be available both as a standalone offering and as a new management component within LogMeIn's cloud applications.