​Lollipop-based CyanogenMod 'nightlies' arrive for 31 devices

If your phone maker hasn't delivered Lollipop yet, CyanogenMod is about 85 percent ready with its version for dozens of handsets.

CyanogenMod users can get their first taste of the official 'nightly' release of CyanogenMod 12, Cyanogen's newest ROM based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Nearly two months after Google released Android 5.0, CyanogenMod developers are ready to show what progress they've made in knocking the OS into shape. According to CynaogenMod, the company is "85 percent complete for our initial CM12 M release" - the stablest version yet - and in the meantime, users can get their hands on the official nightly build.

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The nightly release is a version of the ROM available for users to install with the caveat that it still contains bugs. Users can see developments that lead to the stable 'M' release as they're taking shape.

Currently, the nightly builds of CM12 are ready for 31 devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, OnePlus One, LG G2 international version, Moto G, multiple Nexus devices, the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, HTC Droid DNA, LG Optimus G, and several versions of the HTC One and HTC One Max. More devices will be added to the roster over the coming weeks.

While the nightly build still has bugs, the release for each device includes essentials for daily use, such as the ability to make calls, and use wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and the camera.

Leading up to the first M release of CM12, developers will be working to implement features from the current KitKat-based M release (CM11 M12) using Lollipop's Material Design scheme.

The good news for device owners is that they'll most likely be able to install Lollipop from CyanogenMod well before handset makers deliver it, particularly for older devices. Currently, Lollipop is yet to account for even 0.1 percent of all Android devices in use currently, according to Google's December 2014 figures.

There's no official date set for the release of the first CM12 M build, however developers expect to implement the following missing items in the "coming weeks".

CM11 features yet to be implemented in the new ROM include CyanogenMod's theme engine; customisation options in Quick Settings, Navigation, and Sound panel; and lockscreen quick unlock.

With the M release of CM12 impending, CyanogenMod also announced that CM11 M13 will be its final CM 11 build before it stops further work on that 11 branch.

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