Lollipop comes to Remix OS 1.5 and available for the Nexus 10

Remix OS that runs on the Remix Ultra tablet from Jide has been updated to version 1.5. The new version is based on Android 5.0 and a ROM image has been released for the Nexus 10.

Jide Remix Ultra Tablet

Remix OS is a variant of Android from Jide that was originally available on the Remix Ultra tablet. This is a tablet that ships with a keyboard and is aimed at the workplace. The original OS was based on Android 4.4, aka KitKat, and an update is available that upgrades Remix OS to version 1.5 which has a Lollipop kernel.

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The Remix Ultra tablet is a decent work tablet as covered in my ZDNet review. That's in large part due to Remix OS that is designed to work like Windows 7. This features a taskbar and a unique multi-window scheme that lets many apps run in small windows on the display. The small size of these "phone" apps allows having several on the screen at once.

I've been using a beta version of Remix OS 1.5 for a few weeks and while it is similar to version 1.0 it has been more stable in my experience. It feels faster than the old version, although that's just a general impression.

A list of improvements and fixes from the developers:

  • Added: Open notification by swiping down anywhere on the screen
  • Fixed: Empty folders automatically disappear
  • Fixed: Open Desktop application folder, the folder is automatically shut down
  • Fixed: System crash after setting password bug
  • Improved: Additional apps now Phone-mode compatible
  • Improved: Eliminate start the wizard finishes running, the system response is too slow black screen problem
  • New Feature: Browser, Email to support copy, paste, and search functions
  • New Feature: CAPS Lock appears in top right hand corner status bar
  • New Feature: For apps pinned on the Taskbar, dragging off the taskbar when open closes the app and dragging off the taskbar when closed removes app from Taskbar
  • New Feature: Keyboard supports OTA firmware upgrade
  • New Feature: Resizable app windows while in phone mode (Experimental)
  • New Feature: Apps opened in Phone Mode can be pinned (Experimental)

The Jide Remix Ultra tablet can be upgraded to 1.5 through the System Updater in settings.

In addition to Jide's tablet, Remix OS has been released for the Nexus 10 and can be downloaded from Jide. The Nexus version is for backers of the Remix Ultra Tablet who should receive an email from Jide with a link to the image. The company is working on a version for the Nexus 9 that it states will be available soon.