London 2012 Olympics could generate £250m for IT

A report has predicted that the 2012 Games will create around 5,000 IT jobs, to support media coverage of the event and industries such as construction, hospitality and retail

The London 2012 Olympics will create 5,000 jobs in IT and telecoms, generating £250m for the tech sector, according to a report from IT recruiter Greythorn.

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A study has suggested that the London 2012 Olympics could generate around £250m for the IT industry. Photo credit: ODA

About 5,000 jobs are expected to be generated by the Olympics, with IT staff earning an average salary of £48,562, which equates to gross earnings of £250.1m per year for the industry.

The report's authors predict that the 5,000 new IT jobs will be required not only to support the media coverage of the Games themselves, but also to support other industries bolstered by the Olympics, including the construction, hospitality and retail sectors.