Londoners catch the news on city recycling bins

London unveils ultra-modern, bomb-proof recycling bins in preparation for the Olympics this summer.

No longer content with the old cast iron variety, the city of London has installed a collection of smart recycling bins so magnificent that it’s hard to believe they’re meant for trash.

The Renew bins, which have been in the works for years but are just recently hitting the city’s streets, are each equipped with WiFi and two LCD screens. Updating throughout the day according to time and location, the screens present passersby with the latest news, stock market stats, and transit delay information. In case of an emergency, the bins will display safety measures and evacuation routes.

These fancy recycling contraptions will also be less susceptible to terror plots than London’s older, simpler trash bins. Each of the city’s 25 new units have been tested in the New Mexico desert and made sure to withstand bomb blasts.

Of course, these news-spouting, terror-evading recycling bins come with a major price tag. Each unit will cost approximately £30,000 ($47,400) to manufacture and install and will require an additional £500,000 ($790,000) for upkeep over 21 years.

For London, the unbelievable cost might just be worth it. Renew plans to install a total of 100 units across the city by the time the Olympics begin in July.

Images: Renew

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