Looker, Segment team up to put BI to work

With Looker Source on the Segment platform, customers to bring advanced user behavior analyses from Looker into their marketing campaigns.

Segment, whose platform serves as a hub for customer data, is teaming up with business intelligence firm Looker to help companies more easily integrate advanced BI analyses into their marketing strategies.

Looker helps companies measure user metrics, such as a customer's engagement score or predicted lifetime value. That data is only valuable if it's put use, but using complicated data to deploy marketing campaigns can be challenging.

With Looker Source, a new tool on the Segment platform, businesses can target very specific groups of people with advanced marketing aims. For instance, a company could use it to find high-value web users and encourage them to download a mobile app, or it could filter customers who only buy discounted items out of email and push campaigns.

To use Looker Source, a user would define his target audience in Look. Then, he'd export it into Segment, where the data is automatically sent to the user's preferred marketing automation tool, recomputing every 24 hours. Businesses can launch these campaigns via any of Segment's server-side integration partners, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SailThru, MailChimp and more than 100 others.