Looking for a cloud app? Check out these two directories

The dizzying array of cloud applications and services available to small businesses is overwhelming, but resources like Small Business Web and AppClick help companies sort through their options.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Think of a task that your small business would love to automate, and chances are that there is some sort of cloud-hosted application that might be meet those needs. But sorting through all the options can be overwhelming.

Helping make that process simpler is the mission of a resource called the Small Business Web, which has created a directory of cloud-delivered software in collaboration - called the Small Business Web Directory - in collaboration with AppDirect.

When I checked the site before writing this post, there were 177 different services mentioned and described. You can sort them by these categories:

IT management
Customer management
Human resources
Financial management
Office management

Another resource you might consider consulting to research your cloud options is AppClick, which actually has created more than 20 country-specific sites listing cloud business applications (although not necessarily just for small businesses). (You can also make your purchases there.)

AppClick represents many of the categories listed above, along with these additions:

Business management and analytics
Help desk management
Legal and law
Project management and planning
Property management
Supply chain
Web site

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