Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

Walmart joins Best Buy, Target, and Staples as the latest retail chain to sell Amazon's popular e-reader.

Potential Kindle customers now have 3,200 more locations where they can check out the Amazon device.

Amazon has inked a deal with Walmart to make the boxed retail titan the latest chain to feature Amazon's popular e-reader. Amazon has made similar arragments with Staples, Best Buy, and Target.

This is a major move for Amazon. One of Apple's biggest competitive advantages is its chain of retail stores, which give potential customers a chance to try out products before they buy them. Considering that a brick-and-mortar retail chain is something that Amazon conspicuously lacks, it's imperative for the internet company to find some other way to establish a physical retail presence.  What better way to do that than team up the big daddy of retail itself?


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