Lookout breaks into enterprise market with mobile security service

Lookout hopes the predictive analytics mobile security offering will push the company from the consumer market to the enterprise.


Lookout is entering the enterprise market with a "new approach" to business security based on risk management and analytics.

Announced on Tuesday, the new Lookout Mobile Threat Protection offering uses predictive analytics to combat security threats and remove visibility gaps based around emerging threats. The company has amassed a large dataset of mobile code based on its operations within the consumer market, an asset Lookout says now allows it to track threats from known attackers and predict new, never-before-seen threats to mobile devices.

"In bringing Lookout's predictive security model to large enterprises, we seek to close the gap in an enterprise's security strategy that results from simply managing mobile devices, not securing them," said Aaron Cockerill, VP of Products at Lookout.

"As mobile devices become the predominant productivity tool in the enterprise and the number of devices in an organisation multiplies, CISOs are being left in the dark as to the risks that these devices introduce. Lookout Mobile Threat Protection offers not just visibility, but protection from these risks."

The new mobile service includes advanced malware protection, which "predicts attacks before an app exhibits suspicious behavior or does harm to an organisation," according to the company. In addition, the platform monitors and compares genuine and suspicious apps which may exhibit behaviors which compromise a firm's risk management policies, detects apps not downloaded from official sources and alerts administrators when a device is jailbroken.

Lookout Mobile Threat Protection also includes MDM integration from Airwatch, VMware and Mobilelron.

In a recent study of mobile devices linked to the global networks of 25 Fortune 500 companies across the UK and United States, Lookout was able to detect 50 "serious" mobile threat encounters per 1,000 devices. While a small number in itself, when you consider how many of today's corporations rely on mobile technology and support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies which link different operating systems and devices in varying states of patching, updates and protection to company networks, this does potentially reveal an existing gap in mobile security which is likely to worsen.

Lookout Mobile Threat Protection will be rolled out and will generally available from the end of this month, and will be available through resellers and channel partners.

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