Looks like Amazon took back the lead for dedicated ebook readers

I love using the new generation of touchscreen ebook readers, but it looks like Amazon may have jumped back out into the lead with the two new readers announced today.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

In July I stated that the new Nook was the best dedicated ebook reader and then a couple weeks later wrote that the Kobo eReader Touch beat it out and have been using the Kobo eReader Touch every day since then. With today's new Kindle and Kindle Touch I believe that Amazon may have taken the dedicated ebook crown back from both Barnes & Noble and Kobo yet again.

I just pre-ordered a Kindle Touch and will test it out against both of these other touchscreen ebook readers, but with Amazon's store, ecosystem (apps on nearly every other mobilbe platform), and new support for public libraries I don't see many reasons to go with anything other than one of these new low cost Amazon ebook readers.

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