Lopoco looks to make datacenter efficiency standard

With high-efficiency servers built from standard components Lopoco looks to sneak into your datacenters

With the high-profile issues of green awareness and building energy efficient datacenters we have seen many vendors looking to provide soup-to-nuts solutions for customers that allow the deployment of completely rebuilt datacenters with lower operating costs, better efficiency and optimized performance. But there are far more customers looking to make incremental changes to the datacenter in the hope of realizing gains that allow them to reduce operating expenses.

This is the market that start-up server vendor Lopoco is hoping will drive their business. Their model is to provide competitively priced, power thrifty and optimized server configurations that just drop into customers'  racks as part of their normal upgrade process. The company currently offers 16 different server configurations, ranging from micro-servers to enterprise 12-core boxes designed to fit a variety of customer needs.



With a standard 1U rackmount configuration for all servers, as well as a line of pre-configured server appliance for the PostgreSQL database, Lopoco is using the tagline "Ultra Efficient Server" to identify its products, built from industry standard components in optimized configurations, rather than completely customized systems that use proprietary technology -- which is the approach to efficient servers taken by many major hardware vendors.

The issue that Lopoco faces as a business is a simple one: Is providing a simple rack-level replacement for older, less efficient, servers enough to build a business on? For now, a price-sensitive competitor to products from major server vendors might be able to gain a toehold in the market; but in the future, when green and efficient is the baseline standard, it will no longer be a product differentiator.