Lorry driver monitoring system hits London

A drive to cut accidents

A drive to cut accidents

A driver monitoring system could help cut accidents and reduce fuel consumption for freight operators working in London.

Transport for London (TfL) is offering the in-vehicle driver profiling system to members of its Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS).

The GreenRoad Safety Centre system uses in-vehicle sensors to collect information on up to 120 different driving manoeuvres, such as acceleration, braking, lane changing, cornering and speed handling.

This information is analysed in real-time to give drivers continuous feedback about areas that require improvement, and is used to build a driver profile.

silicon.com recently tested the system - watch a video of the system in use here or read our description of driving with it here.

Driver safety levels are displayed using a colour coding system: a green light indicates safe driving, yellow needs attention and red is high risk.

TfL is working with GreenRoad to provide all FORS members with the system for free for three months, after which it hopes operators will continue using profiling across their fleets permanently.