Lotus bares education program for users

Lotus Software (Philippines) Inc. is engaging in an extensive campaign to assist its users in maximizing the business benefits of using their solutions through the Lotus Authorized Education Centers (LAECS).

Seeing the rapid success of its products in the Philippine market, Lotus Software (Philippines) Inc. is engaging in an extensive campaign to assist its users in maximizing the business benefits of using their solutions through the Lotus Authorized Education Centers (LAECS).

PHILIPPINES (Manila Bulletin) - "We want to create more awareness and focus on Lotus education to better serve the needs of our clients," said Victor Silvino, managing director for Lotus Software (Phils.) Inc.

The LAEC program is a broad-based alliance of training organizations devoted to the continuing library of high-quality education to IT professionals who use Lotus software not only as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also help them in a way that impacts their business positively and in measurable terms," said Tess M. Escaler, senior education specialist for Lotus Software (Phils.) Inc.

LAECS are fully qualified and authorized Lotus business partners that work closely with the Lotus Business Partner program. They offer training at all levels for Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Desktop, and Lotus cc: Mail.

"Since we are a worldwide networked organization that supports all affairs, we are supported by our affiliates in the US and most parts of Asia, providing us with resources that are not available in the Philippines," noted Escaler.

Currently, Lotus Philippines has three LAECS: ACI Systems Incorporated; Interlink Business Solutions Incorporated; and Iverson Computer Associates (Philippines) Incorporated.

These LAECS provide a combination of vision , practical hands-on experience and step-by-step process through computer-based, instructor-led and distance training.

"By investing in Lotus products customers bet the best solutions to improve their technology. However by gaining access to our business centers, we can train and enable clients to improve the endusers which is more important."

Escaler stressed that training is one thing. Enabling users to utilize the technology to impact performance positively is their trust.

"This ensures that the right technology and infrastructure is applied to address customers business needs, and that users get tangible return on investment through custom designed training programs," Escaler said.

Escaler added the other value that they can now bring is the contribution of "Change Management".

"We realize the difficulties IT professionals face in encouraging users to embrace change. We can help plan the change process." Aside from providing full-service programs for customers, LAECS also encourage customers to use these centers to prepare for the examinations affiliated with Lotus' certification programs.

LAECs, who have on board Certified Lotus Instructors (CLIs) as staff, offer users various activities devoted to educating, training and preparing IT professionals for a number of certification levels, particularly as Certified Lotus Specialist (CLS), Certified Lotus Professional (CLP), Certified Lotus Instructor (CLI), and Certified Lotus End-user Instructor certification (CLEI).

As a CLS, users are required to pass one performancebased exam that measures expertise for a particular product, including Domino, Notes, cc: Mail, and SmartSuite. Several exam options are available to attain the CLS title.

Once they obtain a CLS title, users can continue through the CLP program that requires individuals to pass a series of exams to demonstrate expertise of a job function and represents a high level of technical knowledge.

The current designation for CLP certification are: CLP Notes Application Developer, CLP Notes System Administrator, CLP Domino Messaging Administrator, and CLP cc: Mail System Administrator.

CLI program on the other hand is directed toward technical training professionals who through experience and expertise have demonstrated their ability to present Lotus' authorized courseware in a professional and understandable format.

The last certification level is the CLEI program, which is available for training professionals who have experience in presenting Lotus' authorized end-user courseware. In order to achieve CLEI status, users must first successfully pass CLS certification.

"These certifications provide individuals with a means to benchmark their technical knowledge and achieve industry recognition, which results in increased business value to both the individual and their organization," Escaler said.